Veterans Affairs Benefit Enrollment Form

*Fall 2020 Benefit Enrollment Now Open*

Welcome to our new Benefits Certification Portal!  We are proud to launch this new system and know that it will provide greater transparency to the certification process to you, the student, is mobile and social distancing friendly, and will provide our office with greater efficiencies moving forward.

The entire certification process should take you less than 5 minutes.

First Time Benefit User

We understand students want to be proactive but you must be admitted to the University of North Carolina and officially registered for courses. Click here to apply to UNC Charlotte.

Once you are admitted and registered, you will need to complete the online Benefits Certification process.  To complete that process, you will need to provide a copy of the your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE).  Please have a copy available (a screenshot will suffice) as you begin this process.

Begin the Certification Process

Current Benefit User

With the adoption of the new Veterans Benefits Certification Portal at UNC Charlotte, current (returning) students are being required to upload their existing Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). This is a one-time step is needed to transition to this new system.  Over time this new system will allow you better access to ALL of your benefits related information. 

If you no longer have/can locate your CoE, you may either: go to the eBenefits website,, or use this form to request that the Veteran Services Office send you a copy of your CoE that you can then upload (we ask that you try one of the other two avenues first as they will be faster and allow for quicker processing of all UNC Charlotte student's benefits).

We appreciate your patience as we adopt this new portal. It will provide greater transparency of the certification process to you, the student, is mobile and social distancing friendly, and will provide the VSO with greater efficiencies moving forward.

Finally, if you have questions about how many hours you must be enrolled in to qualify as full-time (and thus be eligible for full BAH), please click here.

Begin the Certification Process