Gabriel Evans

Major: Criminal Justice, Minor: Military Science; Class of 2020
Class of 2020, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Gabriel Evans is currently enrolled as a senior level student at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is currently majoring in Criminal Justice and with a minor in Military Science. Unlike the average college students, a current service member in the North Carolina Army National Guard, he has faced many challenges throughout his academic journey.


Gabriel, the youngest and only boy of three, was born and raised by his parents, Retired U.S. Army, Command Sergeant Major Ron Evans and his mother, Retired Cumberland County Sheriff Officer, Senior Sergeant Queen Evans, in Fayetteville North Carolina. Like most children, when Gabriel was younger, he idolized his parents and looked at them as role models. He was torn between wanting to be come a police officer or serving in the U.S. Military, but he knew he wanted to serve his country and his community in some capacity.


In late 2016, Gabriel enlisted in the North Carolina Army National Guard as a 92Y, Unit Supply Specialist. After finishing his initial entry training in the summer of 2017, he applied and was accepted into UNC Charlotte, where he went on to begin his undergraduate degree and participate in Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC).


During his time at UNC Charlotte, he has been called into active duty service multiple times by the National Guard to assist in natural disaster relief missions. In August of 2018, hurricane Florence devasted the Eastern Coast of the United States. He was called to active duty to perform various missions during and in the wake of Hurricane Florence in the North and South Carolina region. For his efforts he was awarded the North Carolina Army National Guard State Active Duty award. 


Following in his father’s footsteps, Gabriel attended Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Georgia during the 2019 school year. After successfully exiting a high performance aircraft 5 times, he was awarded the Basic Parachutist badge and was pinned by his father.


Adding to list of experiences, Gabriel is also a Veteran Affairs Office Student work-study. Being a member of the Veterans Service office since the Summer of 2019, he has assisted the VSO with serving over a 1000 veterans, dependents and service members education questions and needs on the campus of UNC Charlotte. He is able to understand and empathize with this unique population and assist them with their needs.


Gabriel is set to graduate in May of 2020. He has appeared on the Deans’ list numerous times throughout his career as a 49er. He will also commission as an officer, transitioning from the Army National Guard to Active Duty Army as a Quartermasters Officer. With four years already served in the National Guard, he plans to make a career of the military. He attributes much of his success to his support system; God, Family, and Friends. Family to always be there, friends when his family cannot empathize with what he is going through and God to lead him through his darkest moments.