It would be impossible to list and provide links to all the agencies in the Charlotte region dedicated to providing veterans with the support infrastructure they need to ease the transition from military service, through higher education to success in the civilian sector.  On this page, you’ll find many of them.  We encourage you to tap into these great resources.  People at these agencies will make sure you have access to everything you need to advance you through the next important stages of your journey.

UNC Serves

The entire UNC System is currently re-evaluating our standard operating procedures for providing comprehensive support services for the thousands of military-affiliated students on our campuses. We want to hear from you about how we can better serve this growing and dynamic student population

Charlotte Bridge Home

Most importantly, Charlotte Bridge Home is the agency coordinating all veteran support activity through NC Serves, the network of support agencies for veterans and their families. Charlotte Bridge Home connects veterans to available community, state and federal resources based on their education, employment and healthcare and other needs.  At Charlotte Bridge Home, you’ll find a staff of professionals, most of whom are veterans themselves, eager to help.


NC4Vets is a resource guide for veteran, their dependents and supervisors. It’s a publication of the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs, and here you’ll find information ranging from employment, healthcare, VA benefits, housing, personal services, education and more. You can also check out the NC4Vets newsletter here.

Home For Heroes

Home for Heroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting veterans gain access to preventive Healthcare, VA services, Case Management, Workforce Development Training and Job Readiness Skills. For more information contact Curtis Chancy at

Mecklenburg County VA

The Veteran Services Staff of Mecklenburg County (where Charlotte and UNC Charlotte are located) is serving our veterans and their families on all matters pertaining to veteran benefits.

North Carolina Vet Centers

Under the auspices of the VA, Vet Centers provide an autonomous,  private, confidential counseling alternative to “official” VA channels.  If you need to discuss any concern such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, alcohol/drug abuse, sexual trauma or any issue you’re not ready to place “on the record,” this is the path for you.  There’s a Vet Center near the UNC Charlotte campus.  Call 704-549-8025 to learn more.

North Carolina Military Educational Positioning System

This interactive online resource helps veterans (and family members) explore higher education options in our state.  It will help you navigate the admission and enrollment process and consider employment options after graduation. 

UNC Core

This resource will help you find online courses you can complete within the University of North Carolina system (even while you’re still on active duty) then helps you transfer those courses to the campus of your choice, including UNC Charlotte.

North Carolina Troops to Teachers

Think that teaching is a career option for you following your military service?  That’s a great choice, and school districts recognize the value of your experience.  The Troops to Teachers program will help you explore this option. 

Veterans and Mesothelioma 

Carl Jewett is a retired Naval Officer having spent 24 years in the submarine force. He now serves as a VA Accredited Claims Agent specializing in helping veterans file VA claims for asbestos related diseases. Carl's mission is to spread awareness to veterans and their families and make sure they know that there are resources available to them and that they are not alone in fighting these illnesses or in filing for their VA benefits. His website offers veteran specific resources and support for patients and families, and is definitely worth a visit if any of  suspicion of mesothelioma exists.

Veterans Upward Bound Program

This VA program helps veterans develop skills that can lead to acceptance and success in higher education.  Here you’ll find counseling and tutering services as well as mentoring programs.  You can get help preparing for college entrance exams and financial aid applications, too. 

Health and Medical Care in the Charlotte Area

Charlotte is well served by VA medical facilities.  There’s the W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center in nearby Salisbury, North Carolina.  This large hospital facility provides in-patient services in a host of specialties.  Just about two miles from the UNC Charlotte campus is the Charlotte Community Based Outpatient Clinic.  This modern medical facility offers primary out-patient care services for veterans in the Charlotte metro area.  Plans are well along to build a second, larger facility in south Charlotte as well.